Who are Chase Coronavirus Support Network (CCSN)?

Since then over 900 amazing volunteers have signed up to join CCSN and together they’ve helped over 2,000 people to buy shopping, collect prescriptions, and walk dogs. Sometimes they’ve just made a friendly phone call to break up someone’s day.  All for free! 

Our volunteers are waiting to help anyone who needs support. You don’t need to have received a letter from the NHS, or be elderly, or suffering symptoms of Covid-19. You might be a single parent or carer, struggling to get to the shops, if you have decided to protect yourself and our NHS by not going out, we can help you, just call us on 01543 220 124. 

We are currently helping more than 120 people every day and we can help more. If you are not sure whether you should go out to buy your shopping, or collect your prescription, don’t go! Please call us instead.

What Happens When I Call CCSN?

If you call 01543 220 124 you’ll be asked to leave a message. One of our volunteers will listen to your message and call you back to get all the information we need to help you, including your address.

We will send your request to a Coordinator who lives in your area. The Coordinator then sends a very basic message to all the volunteers who live close to you, something like “Lady needs shopping in Chadsmoor”.

The available volunteers will respond, and the Coordinator will choose one to help you. Only then will they send them your name and address and details of what you need. That way we only share your information with people who need to know it.

The volunteer will then call you to introduce themselves. They’ll explain how to pay for your shopping – we have lots of options, you don’t need cash, and tell you when to expect it.

Our volunteers will never come into your house, or take your credit card from you, and will always observe the social distancing rules.

If you want them to, they can even arrange to do a regular weekly shop for you!

Lockdown Memories

Below is a selection of images that have been sent in to us. They’re your memories so far of the lockdown.